Enable Payments Modernization with our Innovation Ecosystem

REN helps you overcome the obstacles of innovation

REN’s flexibility and focus on industry standards makes it an excellent choice for modernizing legacy infrastructures and enabling the movement and routing of data of any size, type, or format between applications and systems.  REN is a key component in the Digital Integrated Payments Cloud.

    Accelerated Speed to Market

    Accept alternative payments, add cutting-edge services, and launch new business ideas quickly as customer expectations and technology changes. Use REN to bridge the technology gap between legacy systems and emerging opportunities such as faster payments and real-time payments.

    Use Existing Resources

    Save time and money! REN operates with your existing hardware, operating system, and database. Changes and updates are made without taking the system down or the need for idle redundant servers.

    Flexible Deployment Strategies

    No need to rip and replace! Launch your modernization strategy with REN as the foundation. As the technology landscape continues to shift, adding REN to your technology arsenal means continued longevity and relevancy for legacy systems.

    A flexible framework for creating solutions from small to large

    The REN Ecosystem provides the building blocks that can be used alone, together, or with third-party products and services to create solutions in finance, banking, health care, telecommunications, retail, content distribution, payment processing, and other industries.

    REN-Based Products

    REN-Based Product Solutions

    Solutions Enabled by the REN Ecosystem

    • Debit card issuing
    • Mobile phone recharge
    • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
    • ATM Channel Manager (ACM) for ATM driving
    • Visa SMS for routing and authorization of transactions to Visa
    • Payment Gateways: Connections to international card associations and regional gateways
    • Device Driving: POS terminals and ATMs
    • API Gateway: Collection of functions and services related to REN and used to integrate REN products
    • Processor: Collection of products to perform services on behalf of your financial institution such as device driving, routing/authorization, etc.
    • REN as Technology Bridge: Connect disparate systems
    • REN as Formatter: Transform messages between systems
    • REN as Payment Hub: A single point for routing to third parties