REV Payments Cloud

Connect to the world’s most powerful transaction processing network

Leverage Euronet For Your Web and Mobile Solutions

    The REV Payments Cloud™ provides API access to our payments platforms and network resources through a single connection.

    Build Complete Payment Experiences

    Empowering FinTechs, Banks, Retailers, and Financial Services Companies to Meet the Demands of Digitally-Minded Customers
    In the competitive and increasingly digital world of financial services, customer experience is king. Your company’s ability to quickly add new functionality to your web or mobile platform can be the difference between user adoption and growth or lower sessions and declining user bases.
    Build Digital/Physical Solutions with the REV Payments Cloud

    With one network connection, REV gives you access to the functionality of the REN Foundation as services (SaaS, PaaS) through public APIs. Not only that, you can use Euronet’s worldwide network of digital content from leading brands or our ATMs, POS, and money transfer locations when your solution calls for physical financial activities.

    API-Based Solutions for Digital Businesses

    The REV Payments Cloud uniquely provides software solutions and physical touch points for your customers.

    Integrate essential and powerful solutions like these in your app or web application without the burden of managing the infrastructure yourself.

    • Faster payments
    • Enterprise QR code solutions
    • Issuing (Debit, prepaid, multi-currency)
    • Acquiring (ATM, POS, eCommerce)
    • Tokenization
    • Cash payouts at ATMs
    • Digital wallets
    • Alternative and local payment processing
    • API gateways
    • Digital content distribution
    • And many more!

    Custom Solutions for Retailers and Brands

    Euronet also builds hosted custom solutions for retailers, mobile operators, and brands on a Software as a Solution (SaaS) basis.


    These solutions are typically delivered by the company’s epay division and used with POS terminals, gift cards, gaming consoles, smart phones, and other transactions with digital content.


    Learn more at our epay websites: epay US • epay Germany • epay Italy • epay Australia

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