Gain valuable insights into the performance of each ATM in your fleet.

Compatible With Leading Protocols

Designed for ATMs utilizing CEN XFS, NCR/Diebold Direct Connects, and Visa II. Flexible implementation options allow you to deploy the right mix for your fleet.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Monitor your entire fleet in real-time with one browser-based user interface. Diagnose and resolve issues early and accurately in real time, reducing downtime and improving user experience.

Increase Customer Engagement

Detailed transaction log data provides greater awareness of customer experience, usage patterns and feature value to improve customer retention.

Get a customer-centric view of the ATM experience with REN Self-Service’s electronic journaling and transaction logs

Ensure ATM transaction success with real-time monitoring of each component of the end-to-end transaction flow:

  • Switch
  • Hardware/software
  • Cash levels
  • Peripherals (pinpad, card reader, camera, dispensers, bar code readers, EMV, printers, etc.)

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