With REN Connect, your financial institution can deliver the real time payments
products consumers demand.

Access REN Connect via API from one of Euronet’s global data centers …

… or install REN Connect in your on premise data center or cloud provider.

Connect to your country’s real time payments network through a low code, drag-and-drop interface.

Instantly bring your systems into compatibility with ISO 20022 and real time payments. 

REN Connect matches and switches any incoming and ongoing message. Learn more in this short video:

Make Real Time Cross Border Payments with Dandelion

Dandelion extends a participant’s real time payments capabilities to international systems through the global cross-border payment networks of Euronet companies Ria Money Transfer and Xe. Learn more at dandelionpayments.com.

What is the future going to bring? Learn more in Payments at the Speed of Life: How Banks are Enabling Real Time Payments, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Research on behalf of Euronet Worldwide, Inc.

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